About Bjni

Bjni region is famous from ancient times. For the first time Armenian Kotayk region’s village Bjni was mentioned in Vth century, in Lazar Parpetsi’s “Armenian History”. Starting from Xth century, during the government of Pahlavuni family, political importance of the region increased, and in XIth century Bjni became fortress city. Also at that time the city became one of the four Episcopal altars of Armenia, having right to elect the Catholicos. Ascended to the throne Vasak-Goluma Pahlavuni, restored the fortress, and in 1020 successfully repelled the attack of nomadic tribes on the city. Vasak’s son – Gregory Magistros – in 1031 built the church of Holy Mother of God, which functions even today. Right from there comes the beautiful history of Vardapet’s spring (in translation from Armenian “Holy Father”), that passed by word of mouth, and remained till our days.
In district there are a lot of healing springs, originating in the depths of the earth, but the water for Holy Mother of God’s church was taken exactly from Vardapet’s spring. In Soviet times this spring fell into oblivion, but the local population preferred healing all of their ailments exactly with saint water of Vadabek’s spring. It is said, that once one drunk from this spring the water of life, he can gather the power of Mother Earth.