Water Aquastone

Making its way up to the earth’s surface, Vardapet spring passes 60 km through gravel, sand and clay layers, what provides its natural filtration. During the natural treatment the water doesn’t lose its healing features, doesn’t change its structure and hydro-chemical composition, that’s why the water from Vardapet spring can be drunk, without any additional filtrations. Multiple bacterial analyzes proved that qualitative and quantitative composition of water is normal. 3 years observations showed, that the composition of the water doesn’t change.
The water from Vardapet’s spring belongs to the category of sweet spring waters, and thanks to its rich composition is preferable for juice, compote, cognac and perfume making. This water can be used as well for domestic purposes, during various branches of production. During the bottling the water passes ozonization, thus controlling infections and inflammation diseases, and while elements are not destroyed, a quite good tea can be made from this water.
Water at the outlet of the spring has a temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius, so to get the best result it is recommended to drink this water at the same temperature.
It is proved that the not enough aerated water of Vardapet spring has various useful characteristics and naturally balanced composition similar to mineral water. It has a calmative effect on the organism, normalizes the sleep, and has a good effect on the intestine and digestion. When used over a long period of time this water has an anti-allergic effect.
Vardapet spring is far from the industrial facilities, and it is not susceptible to contamination by industrial and agricultural enterprises, which is very rare in our times.
Located in a picturesque location – right under the cliff, from which the healing water flows, and is crowned by a proud eagle’s nest, the factory «Vadabek» is famous for its traditions of natural resources conservation, which Armenia is very rich with. The springs are the most vulnerable type of surface water, but natural monument – Vardapet spring – is in the hands of honest and careful owners.